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Blogs in January 2018

Gearing up for a day of home electrical troubleshooting? Slow down there cowboy, some electrical issues require expert attention. Though some common electrical issues are simply the result of bad habits, others are deeper issues in need of professional repair and troubleshooting. Which projects...Read more

What do circuit breakers do, and how do they prevent electrical fires? Learn more about these important electrical safety devices from Mr. Electric.

An essential safety feature in your home, circuit breakers circumnavigate electrical injuries and fires. What does a circuit breaker do? A mystery to most, these electrically-powered marvels detect and stop excess current in its tracks. They typically trip when there is an overloaded or short...Read more

Much like the rock band, AC and DC power have a long an interesting history. Like DVD and Blue Ray (or VHS and Betamax for the older ilk), the two have long been embroiled in a battle for supremacy. Due to their ability to provide power in different ways, however, the two appear to be more...Read more